To work with STARTPHASE is like joining an expedition to a new continent. Our communication will be intense and effective, focused on the project and you.


Each participant plays a vital role because every single person can make a difference. I combine emotional intelligence with expertise and experience in the field – an ideal combination for unique projects. This is what clients appreciate in our collaboration.


And this is my field of expedition: Advice on strategy and content in tenders, development of visions, moderations, workshops, strategic and content-related positioning, process definition, project planning, project initiation, advice on the choice of agency, analysis of room concepts and emotional experiences.


I accompany my clients with the utmost confidentiality and loyalty, since uniqueness needs room to unfold before there is outside involvement.

The greater the joy once the project is up and running.

Olympic ski-jumping hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen – a landmark comes alive

I wonder what it is like to be a ski jumper racing down the Olympic ski-jumping hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at 60 mph and to fly through the air, as did Simon Amman, for 143.5 metres? And how does it feel to sit on top of the ramp and to let go? Many ideas, perceptions and expectations of different people concerning this touristic destination were bundled, structured and reflected since 2015. This is how a concept of ideas was developed, that the local council of Garmisch-Partenkirchen approved of. Exciting still!

Xplore – an Experience-App for the Roman Limes in Hesse

How can a visitor of a world heritage site be enthused, if he/she does not actually see the Roman Limes in person? You can become an expert and interactively, intuitively follow in the footsteps of the Romans with great suspense. Imagined and developed locally and on the iPhone with enthusiasm and best communication with the “Archaeology of Hesse” and the “RheinMain University of Applied Sciences” since 2015. Learning and experiencing in worlds believed to be miles apart. Let us see what future users think of it.

ADC seminar 2016: Are you still busy planning or are you already experiencing?

The ADC (Art Directors Club) Germany sent out invitations to a seminar about communication held near Berlin. How does one proceed when the project is not at the forefront but the situation is one of discord, disharmony or demotivation? How can emotional intelligence help to ensure that all participants will still be pleasantly talking about the project after its realisation or the opening of a museum? Eager feedback after the seminar showed that discussions on the subject have been long overdue. Right on!

ADC Berlin

Here a selection of planned and realised experiences also from the time before the foundation of STARTPHASE (before 2015).

The adidas archive for the world

How is it possible to make the cultural legacy of the world brand adidas available digitally as well? Can the stories of sport, design and fashion be told in a way that inspires people? This was the idea behind the adidas archive and can be discovered at The site was announced site of the day in July 2013 by the FWA (Favourite Website Awards)

adidas Brand Exhibition – pure emotion

The target for 2012 was clear: opening an interactive brand exhibition, that inspires and informs co-workers and lets the “three stripes” come alive. Flexible modules allow changing contents and protect the extraordinary objects in the adidas archives. This pleased the jury on design (Rat für Formgebung) and the archives received the “Iconic Award” and the “Red dot Award for Communication Design” and was worth yet another award/mention of the Art Directors Club (Global Awards & Club) at the festival in Hamburg. Additionally the exhibition was featured in Jons Messedat’s book about corporate museums.

Touching permitted – the adidas archive comes to life

The founder of adidas, Adi Dassler, collected the trainers/sneakers of his athletes to learn from them and to make the next pair of shoes even better. This was the beginning of an incredible collection of adidas products gathered from over 70 years of corporate history.

But how to fully preserve the world’s largest collection of sport shoes, including football jerseys/shirts and many other sports gear? This question prompted the birth of the adidas archive in 2012, with its storage rooms constantly at 18 degrees Celsius and 55 % humidity all exhibits are protected from decay. And have been serving as a source of inspiration for the adidas staff in creating new products ever since. The archive is a fascinating place for both athletes and guests from all over the world, and surely will remain in their memory for a long time to come.