In the year 2015 I fulfilled a dream that I had for a long time: to accompany people in planning their unique projects. I gathered knowledge in the conception of emotionally touching exhibitions and brand worlds as a member of staff in museums, as creator of concepts and as manager of a major corporation.


Today I advise on an empathetic level and try to look at things through the eyes of the first visitor. My strength is to convey complexity so it can be understood easily independently of the format. And the formats range from museums and theme parks to stadiums and leisure parks.


In each project, I adopt different perspectives in order to take in the entire picture. I am convinced that each single project is not self-supporting, but only exists through the contact with the onlooker. This is why I focus on both angles during the project planning phases – the target group’s: their expectations, wishes and needs, and the client’s: their visions, strategies and stories.

You would like to know more? Here are some of my projects.

You would like further references? Please let me know and I will gladly refer you to my clients’ contact persons.


I live in Wiesbaden and I work all over Germany and Europe.


I was born in January 1975.


I have been self-employed as advisor, blogger, trainer and lecturer since 2015.


To see a more detailed CV in german please download PDF here.